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2009 St. Lucia Jen Fox '12 reminds us to be the light in the darkness during the 70th Festival of St. Lucia Dec. 9, 2010 in Christ Chapel. (Photo by Stacia Vogel) 

Like St. Lucia, Shed Light

The annual Festival of St. Lucia at Gustavus serves as a reminder to all to take hold of legendary St. Lucia's values -- leadership, service, thoughtfulness, charity, and kindness -- and take initiative to be the light in a sometimes dark world. 2009 Gustavus St. Lucia Jen Fox '12 says now, with a finals' sleepless haze on campus and the cold and dark days of winter setting in, is the perfect season to find humility, take a new opportunity to serve, ignite thoughtfulness in your peers, and never miss a new chance to show kindness. It is now your time to shine. Make Saint Lucia proud in your community. Be the light.