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It’s Easy Being Green

Kermit says, "It isn't easy being green." But, Gustavus begs to differ. It's as easy as printing less paper. And, through ongoing paper conservation, Gustavus students have helped reduce paper use by more than 1.5 million sheets of paper in 1 year. That’s a savings of close to 150 trees, 52,500 gallons of water, 22.5 cubic yards of landfill space, 450 pounds of air pollutants, and 14 barrels of oil, which is enough energy to power the average American home for almost 4 years.

Gustavus at it Again: Committing to Green Initiatives

Written by Cheng Lee ’10 Gustavus is no stranger to green efforts. In fact, Gustavus actively promotes ways for students and staff to make more environmentally friendly decisions. The campus commits itself to energy saving and waste reduction. One great way to get into the “green” spirit is through intercollegiate competitions, such as the Recyclemania […]

Dontje Leads a Green Lifestyle

Written by Kelly K. Nelson ’10 You may see him riding his bike to work, or perhaps you recognize him from a recent committee meeting where he spoke on behalf of environmental awareness, or maybe you simply know him from the neighborhood because of the solar panels on the roof of his home. Whatever your […]