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Dancing with Life

I am a professor of biology. Teaching is my calling, my passion and love. It is through teaching that I am freest to express my true self. I can play. Teaching is a playful dance staged in the wonders of biology. As the student learns the steps, the dance becomes a thing of beauty. Teacher and student, both rise to new ideas, inspirations and questions. The probing is deep and the awe is profound. The dance contains elements of a spiritual quest for a deep connection to one another and to the study of life. –Cindy Johnson (blog entry)

Success in the Science Lab and Beyond

Written by Cheng Lee ’10 Nicole Soiseth ’10, a biology major from Anchorage, Alaska, has grasped every learning opportunity imaginable while at Gustavus. Her motivation to succeed in college led her to research, learn beyond the classroom, and help others. Since her sophomore year, Soiseth has worked with research professor Sanjive Qazi on testing ways […]