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Touch the World and it will Touch You Back

When Bernadette Anderson Galvin ’57 offered to help her local Vietnamese community several years ago, she wanted to support newly arrived immigrants in their adopted country of America. She had no idea how this decision would change her own life.

Gustie Greeters and the First-year Experience

The picturesque ascent up College Avenue toward Old Main on first-year student move-in day is a vivid image seared into the memory of many Gusties. As a new student, whether you were squirming anxiously in your seat, biting your fingernails nervously, or already saying your goodbyes gleefully to Mom and Dad, there's one constant: being energetically welcomed by an enthusiastic group of upperclass students to the place that becomes home for four years.

Study Abroad Diplomat: Jennifer Tejada

Written by Kelly K. Nelson ’10 Each year about 125 Gustavus students take a hiatus from campus and venture off to destinations such as Chile, India, Sweden, Spain, Australia, and Russia. These adventurous Gusties yearn to take their learning beyond the walls of the traditional Gustavus classroom and expand their horizons globally. Jennifer Tejada, a […]

Saving Lives and Creating Community

Written by Kelly K. Nelson ’10 One. Two. Every two seconds someone in the U.S. needs blood. A single car accident victim can require as many as 100 units of blood. One donation can help save the lives of up to three people. The number of blood donations collected in the U.S. in a year? […]

Child of Peace

Written by Megan Gode Dance can be an artistic form of storytelling, as movement has the distinct ability to display human emotion. During this year’s Christmas in Christ Chapel, the Gustavus community and its guests witnessed senior nursing major, Mariah McGill’s remarkable story through dance. Three and a half years ago, Mariah was diagnosed with […]

Chill Out

Getting a massage, relaxing, and sipping tea were just a few of the options at the ninth annual Gustavus Chill Out and Wellness Fair held Nov. 6, 2009. The goal? Encouraging students and staff to be healthy, happy, relaxed people.

Leadership Vision

Written by Hanna Schutte ’11 “Anyone at any level can be a leader—it is a personal choice.” These are words that Sonja Andersen ’09 takes to heart. She has found that quotes such as this one help drive her and keep her focused, both with her past time on the hill and in her current […]

Small Actions- Big Differences

Written by Jenny Broman ’10 “The smallest things often make the biggest difference,” says Emma Strand, junior communication studies major and coordinator of the Gustavus Big Partner Little Partner (BPLP) program this year. “You really can make a difference in a child’s life just by showing them you care and are there to support them,” […]

Where Are Your Tomatoes From?

Written by Hanna Schutte ’11 Take a drive to St. Peter, go up the hill, drive just beyond the President’s House and the Linnaeus Arboretum and you’ll see something you won’t quite expect—a farm. Specifically, the summer of 2009 was the first year for Big Hill Farm, an entirely student-conceptualized and student-managed organic farm dedicated […]

Learning While Fasting

Written by Jenny Broman ’10 Sipping a morning coffee, eating lunch with friends in the cafeteria , or grabbing an afternoon snack on the go are second nature for Gusties. Yet, more than 160 Gustavus students made the choice to forgo their typical routines and participate in the 2009 Gustavus Day of Fasting in order […]