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As is tradition at Gustavus, the Gustie Greeters welcome first-year students to campus on College Avenue.

It’s a tradition now ingrained in the fabric of Gustavus Adolphus Collge: you are sitting in your car with your parents, driving up College Avenue, about to step foot on the hill where you will call home for the next four years, and who is there to welcome you and break the ice? The Gustie Greeters.

Made up of approximately 50 sophomores, juniors, and seniors, the Gustie Greeters are there to provide a welcoming environment and to assist in the transition to college as compassionate and spirited representatives of Gustavus.

“The mission of the Greeters is to simply welcome everyone,” senior Stacy Miorana said. “We are here to create an environment that is conducive to friendships and support for the incoming class and the entire student body.”

“I believe the mission of the Gustie Greeters is to be a welcoming face and foster an open environment for all first-years to find their way,” added senior Meghan Lee. “We are here for first-year students first, but also offer support for parents and families who are going through a transition as well.”

After they enthusiastically welcome first-year students and their families to campus, the Gustie Greeters are then charged with leading an orientation group that meets each morning during New Student Orientation. It’s a time for first-year students to make new friendships and to have their questions answered by a familiar face.

While the Gusties Greeters play a large role during New Student Orientation, many Greeters continue to mentor first-year students throughout the academic year.

“I think the mission of the Greeters is to be a role model, mentor, and friend for the first-years,” senior Alaina Ramsburg said. “Through Greeters, I have had the opportunity to support my greetees in the tough times and celebrate with them in the good.”

“I think the purpose of the Greeters is to act as a peer mentor and friend to the incoming first-years, but also help them get acclimated to life away from home and at Gustavus,” sophomore Michael Morimoto said. “It’s a very hard transition for some first-years and the Greeters really help ease that process.”

“I think we as Greeters seek to become our greetees’ first friend, their biggest cheerleader, their unfailing support system, their consistent shoulder to lean on,” sophomore Bethany Schulz said. “We seek to be role models in every sense of the word, and we give as much as we can to make their experience at Gustavus count.”

Click here and scroll down to pages 11-13 to see this year’s group of Gustie Greeters.


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