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Students Promote Social Justice Through Conference

Gustavus students bring awareness and action to campus each year through the Building Bridges conference on diversity. March 13, 2010 was dedicated to the social justice issues related to immigration. In its 15th year, Building Bridges is student-led and student-initiated. It addresses a specific global and social issue each conference. The 2010 conference, titled “Immigration: […]

A Broad Definition of Neighbor

Ophthalmologist and fourth generation Gustie David Johnson ’84 is the most recent recipient of the College's Arnold E. Carlson Award. Created by former president Edgar Carlson in honor of his brother, the award is given to an individual who has made significant contributions related to Christian theology and ethics.

A Solid Base

By Hanna Schutte ’11 “Gustavus is one of those places that make you feel comfortable with yourself.  It gives you a good, solid base so you can go out and explore the world,” says Stephanie Pearson, a 1992 English graduate who is now a columnist for Outside magazine.  Using this strong base, Pearson has had […]

Relief and Research for Haiti

Written by Jaimie Farel ’10 In typical Gustavus fashion, students, faculty, and staff quickly took action to offer aid to Haiti after the devastating earthquake of Jan. 12, 2010. “Changing the World,” a January Interim Experience class led by Chris Johnson ’85, director of the Center for Vocational Reflection at Gustavus, organized fundraising efforts throughout […]

Promoting Global Learning

By Megan Gode ’10 “Our students need to see how the world looks at education,” says Debra Sandquist, coordinator of teacher admission and field experiences at Gustavus. In an effort to promote such endeavors, Sandquist helped develop the Domestic and International Student Teaching Placement program. Based on Gustavus’s new strategic plan, the program gives education majors an opportunity to complete part of their required student teaching through a seven-week program in a domestic or international location.

Following a Calling

Written by Hanna Schutte '11 As a college junior, Wes Jones ’11 is anything but stereotypical. Barely into his 20’s, he has already saved 11 lives through his work with the Coast Guard. He has had a life-long drive and passion for doing good in the world, which has led Jones to pursue many interests and community-minded projects. During his time at Gustavus, his goals of working to make the world a better place haven’t slowed down one bit.

“Vote with Your Fork”

By Hanna Schutte ’11 What do you know about the food you eat? Did you know,  in our country: Most produce is picked 4 to 7 days before being placed on supermarket shelves. Most produce is shipped an average of 1,500 miles before it is sold. Approximately 40 percent of all chemical fertilizers used eventually […]